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Covered road and vaults

Strada Copert A. Prim_p.jpgThe roofed Road or "Strada Coperta" is the only example of such a structure existing in the whole of European castle architecture and represents one of the most formidable works of medieval military engineering.

The roofed road, also called the raised road has gigantic proportions: it is 167 metres long and 7 metres wide. It exceeds a gradient of 10 metres between the Castle keep and the place where the Rocca Vecchia (Old Fortress), a fortalice looking onto the countryside at the outermost point of the city walls, was situated.

It was built in 1347 by Luchino Visconti to allow the dukes of Milan to enter and exit the Castle without being seen by the inhabitants of the hamlet and to flee in case of looming danger.

It is a powerfully built construction, the colossal structure of which has remained intact: the army used it for the transit of very heavy tracked vehicles up until halfway through the 60s and yet the structure sustained no damage whatsoever.
It connected the Castle to the Old Fortress, where today the Cavallerizza (riding stables), built in 1836, is located.

sotterranea 2 A. Prim_p.jpgThe Vault Passageways are two imposing and suggestive structures which, in succession, close to Piazza Ducale, lead through the raised levels of the ancient moat of the Castle Keep to the Cavallerizza area.
It is possible to walk along the entire passageway, which is divided into two sections, both of which are of a considerable size, which house exhibitions and crowd-pulling events during the year.

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